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(no subject) [Aug. 21st, 2004|10:50 am]
i love the bay/beach

and the chesapeak bay tunnle/bridge is a hillarious thing with my mother who now at the age of 42 is deathly afraid of bridges. what makes it even better is my father making her scream by taking his hands off the steering wheel. that by far makes the whole drive worth it honestly.

well i write more when i get to the house
ahh the big easy i return AGAIN
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(no subject) [Aug. 9th, 2004|03:16 pm]

well im in love with two movies.

the first one is 13 going on 30. i cried like a baby during that movie because all i could think about was when i get older and like im 30 would i still be talking to my friends? then it made me think even more that maybe we would fight and never talk to each other and then i would meet them again later on in life and they would hate me and then i would have to remember all the horrible things that i may have done. but still it is an amazing movie

the other movie im in love with is The butterfly effect. the reason i watched it (even though i was terrified because i thought it was a scary movie) was because my dad and steve (courtney b's dad) were haveing a despute over what was the ending of the movie. my dad said that in the end ashton has to kill himself in the womb so that everyone in able to live happily. steve said that in the end he goes back to where he first met the girl and told the girl that he hated her and he never wanted to see her face or he would kill her thereby making her move in with the mother and not hurt by her father and yadda yadda yadda and they all live happily accept for ashton who wishes he was still with her. turns out that both my father and steve were right. there happens to be two choices at the begining of the movie. you could have the directors cut where the ending is him killing himself in the womb, or the theatrical cut where he tells the girl he hates her. i thought that the directors cut was the better ending also there were a few scenes that werent in the other version that made the movie a little more interesting and scary.

anyway....ally and amanda came back from wildwood then for amanda to leave 12 hours later. i wanted to see her but by the time i found out they were home i had already left.


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its kinda nice being home [Aug. 1st, 2004|12:32 pm]
[Current Mood |highbeach sick]

well i haven't written in a while. i guess cause like i write all this stuff and then it doesnt go through so i get mad and dont go on here for a little bit

well i went down the jersey shore friday. we went someplace called ocean-something but it was like a block from seaside heights.

when we first got there i was a little dissapointed because we were in a motel that looked kinda shitty. after we all got setteled we went to the beach. the waves were so much fun i mean they were crashing up against us and knocking courtney my sister and myself down so many times and i got a shit load of sand in my shors lol.

then we went to dinner saw this like family that looked like a bad imitation of a boy band and then went to the boardwalk. at the boardwalk i won this GIANT nemo i mean this thing is HUGE. then we passed this betting wheel, you know the big ones that you put the dollar on like 4 or a clover or the word MOM. well i had a feeling it would come out on 4blue or mom. AND I WON!!! because i got to pick anything in the booth it was an obvious choice to pick the box of 36 push pops. i mean who doesnt like push pops. my dad won my sister and i von dutch hats (imitations i believe but still they are pretty cool. we walked some more and decided to go home. the parents played hearts (the card game)and courtney my sister and i went to the arcade where these prissy slutty couldnt be even close to puberty girls were on the dance dance reveloution thingy. because they were just so god damn good we left cause we would never get to go on it. plus there were so perverted old men in there.

then the next day went to the water park with my dad my sister courtney and her dad. it was so much fun i mean i was like pissing in my pants and i was so scared but i did mainly everything except the 6 story drop. my dad and steve (courtneys dad) went on it. they made the mistake of not "tucking and crossing their legs" so yeah it just made me laugh and be happy that i didnt have an aendage between my legs. but we went on everything at least 3 times. we went back showered and left for my mom's boss'es party (the reason i had to go down the shore to begin with) when we got there i was SO pissed. my mother made it sound like he had this GIGANTIC pool and this MASSIVE hot tube and the whole blue ocean in his yard. the pool was smalled then mine (WHICH IS DAMN SMALL) the hot tub was okay and there was no ocean it was a lagoon. since the pool was shitty we all (me my sister and courtney) all decided to go in the lagoon. because there were "some" jellyfish we decided to go on the rafts/floats thingys. well the current was EXTREAMLY strong and we started floating way down. my sister left go of the raft courtney and i were in and i had to go get her. i jumped out of the boat and i felt some stinging all over my body. i thought it was nothing just some cuts like a nick here and there that was stinging from the salt water. i get my sister and we try and paddel back. that was a failed attempt. i then get back out of the boat and swim back to the dock pulling my sister and courtney. by this time i was cursting and crying with the unbearbel pain all over my arm(the right one) and both legs. i get on the doc and my mom and steve realixe i was stung by jelly fish. i started haveing an allergic reaction to the jellyfish. i broke out in hives was scratching and itching all over the place my arms and legs were swollen and i started to hyperventalate. they gave me an allergy pill and it all went away in about 30 mins. talk about tramatic. on top of that i got sun burn. we left htere around 8:30 tried to go back to the board walk but there was no parking and it was a mad house. we went home where the parents played hearts again and we stayed in out room watching tv and eating horrible no salt fries.

and now im home.
okay well this entry should last at least a week. ill write soon.
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(no subject) [Jul. 25th, 2004|06:10 pm]
[Current Mood |lovedloved]


i am still alive and umm yeah nothing else
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woah [Jul. 13th, 2004|02:14 pm]
[Current Mood |lovedloved]

okay well you would think that because my mother is in boston and i only have my father here that i would have a little more freedom then usal but no my father has become anti-himself and has become this fucking asshole who walks around the whole fucking day screaming at me because my sister.

like today i cant go out because he doesnt want her to go out and because she goes out (or wants to at least) whenever i go out and my dad doesnt want her to go out he tells me that i cant go out


i hate this SO SO SO SO SO much

there is only one great thing that has happened to me this week and i think it makes up for everything thats bad right now
oh how i love going to bed at 2:00 in the morning

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my mother is depressed because someone scratched the frige? [Jul. 6th, 2004|09:44 pm]
okay well i haven't updated in a while cause like i dont know i guess im lazy and stupid so i didnt

umm yea went to the beach with everyone. that was fun. i rock at boogie boarding.

i've mainly been trying to get the most out of summer and i think we're all doing like the best at this. im really like excited cause i love all the times we're spending together.

yea so ummm, its been mine ally's and amanda's house so far but that's cause gina's is under construction

i jumped in my pool today with all my clothes on becuase i was so hot after my game....it wasnt until i got out that i realized how stupid that was, but hell it was fun

okay ill hopefully write more tomorrow or another day
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woah [Jun. 22nd, 2004|04:13 pm]
[Current Mood |drunkdrunk]

okay well like everyone should have known it was formal last night and man that was umm..interesting

lol it was quite amuzing going around doing umm what i did to all those people but hey it was amuzing and funny and we all had a great time. at first i think amanda ally and gina weren't having the greatest time but by half the night they were all grinding with mwah lol.

i went nuts and who knows who i was humping by the end of the night me and colin went at it a shit load of times along with other people

today amanda's mommy was gonna being us to the beach but we didnt go cause it was gonna rain and the tides were gonna be strong and high

yea well that is about all ill be getting the pictures develpoed soon I CANT WAIT TO SEE THEM!

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i cant sleep [Jun. 20th, 2004|10:33 pm]
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]

well tomorrow is the formal, it's ironic you know. i have been waiting for tomorrow night since january, dreaming about how it will be thinking about what might happen thinking about how much fuck it will be. now that its here all i can think about is wanting it over.

i know i should be excited and happy that this day is here but frankly nothing is how i want it to be so i mean come on what am i really looking forward to?

yes i have a dress i like....but it isnt exactly what i would DIE for. i dont know how i want my hair so who knows what disaster lies there. im not tan, nor am i any skinnier then i was before. i dont feel well at all and im over exahusted. i dont have a date for this thing even tho no one i know does have one. the person i would die to bring or to go with isnt exactly histatic or even jumping at the oppurtunity to ask me to go with him so there fore it is obvious to drop it. yes i am going with the people i love (amanda ally and gina) and yes there are the shoes and the clutch that i LOVE TO DEATH but still there are a lot of things i wish i had that i dont.

anyway this weekend was fun filled. thursday we all went to amanda's house and hung out there watching family guy. yes we have become a cult.

friday everyone came over my house round 12:00-ish 1:00-ish. we watched family guy till my parents came home then jumped in the pool. it was so warm i was amazed at its greatness. then we all got out ate watched more family guy. played mario party 5 where i thought you had to play this game of mini games to win more so we spent a good half hour playing the same 2 mini games till everntually we found out nothing came out of it. then at around 8:30 we all went back into the pool till around 10:30-ish. then we ate brownies and everyone went home

saturday went to new york with the bopbiles. it was fun and i got a FCUK in nyc shirt. it is pretty funny. then came home bopbiles left at 9:30 went to amanda's house then and stayed till like 11:30. we played games and watched degrassi.

today was fathers day where i spent playing with my cousin and fighting with my uncle about not having another kid becasue it sucks beigng the oldest. i made my sister cry because i made her feel like i hated her and that she wasnt wanted. and then i felt bad for doing that. it isnt like i hate having my sister, i love her to death and i would die for her, but it is just being the oldest you have a lot of burdens and shit to take care of and it just isnt always fair

i also watched 50 first dates where i cried about three times because i thought about how much adam sandler loved drew barrymore and even tho every day she would wake up and not know who the fuck he is he loved her and will spend the rest of his life making sure she never forgets him. i started to think about how i have no one that likes me that way and therefore lead myself into a little crying session.

okay enough typeing
hopefully tomorrow will be great
and hopefully everything will happen like it does in my dreams
(yea like that will happen) (and like that^^^ wasnt the corniest line ever like fucking out of a disney movie lord i am sad)
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(no subject) [Jun. 15th, 2004|10:03 pm]
[Current Mood |enragedenraged]

okay there arent enough words in my vocabulary to describe how horrificly mad i am at this very moment.

my mother is completely and totaly and tyrrantial bitch who should get a fucking clue that not everything is about her and the fucking world shouldnt have to bow down to every fucking request she has

first she makes me go alone with my sister to the nail salon where my sister cried because she didnt get tips. then she yelled at me because i needed to go to the mall where she ended up buying a 500$ watch that she didnt need at all

then i come home and i have to hear abo0ut how i never do anything around then house. hey whats that smell oh yea BULLSHIT. i fucking do everything vacum,dust,the dishwasher,clean bathe walk and feed the dog, bring the laundry down brin ghte laundry up and fold. what else would she like me to do fucking give her a foot masage while im at it?

then like that didnt put the iceing on the cake she then calls me down stiars at 10:00 while im on te phone to tell me get off the phone she has somehting important to say. so i get off the phone and then she tells me "we dont want to give you a fucking big sweet sixteen birthday so you have to pick out some friends and we'll bring them to a reasturaunt in newyork for two hours" i was like "WHAT THE FUCK you did that for me this year i had all my frinds come and eat at pizza hut and oh what a joy that was why would i want to go all the way to new york for two fucking hours to do nothing but eat....eating isnt fun its something you have to do to survive!" then she says "then what the fuck do you want?" i was like "if you want me to have a small party ill take my 6 friends to new york stay over in the morriott and then walk around all day and then eat at a reaturaunt at night then all go back to the hotel and we will party like we do anyway" she was like "what the fuck if you have that then no boys" i was like "there are two boys that ive known forever what is the big deal?" she was like "whatever im not going to new york for a fucking hotel" i was like "then what would you like me to say?" she was like "GET OUT OF MY FACE MY LAW AND ORDER IS ON!" i was like "fine" then she said, very loudly as i was walking away, "im just not gonna give her a fucking birthday party then lets see how she likes that" i was like "FINE THEN DONT GIVE ME A PARTY SEE HOW NICE ILL BE THEN!!"

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happy birthday to my mommy [Jun. 14th, 2004|05:12 pm]
[Current Mood |hornyhonrey/hyper/happy/in love]
[Current Music |all american rejects--------one more sad song]

well yea i haven't written heere in a little while

well that is a lie i did but my computer fucked it up and lost it and i got fucking mad and said "fuck it im not typing it again" so i didnt


im like fucking flipping high school is almost over the summer is so close i can taste it

i fell summer like it is everywhere in my bones and all over the place. i can head the bells of ice cream trucks and the screams from all the kids playing man hunt. i also hear the splashing of my pool. god it is nice to look outside and see this big round oval full of water in my back yard

this summer is going to rock because (thanks to ally's pointing out) we dont hva emany more summers left to have fun and spacially if we all have jobs next year we will make this summer by far the greatest

OY! and formal is so close i can not wait. i've been like dreaming about it and i cant wait to be there with everyone sitting there looking at how preety everyone looks and taking pictures so i can hang them on my wall when i re-arrange everything.


shit that reminds me i have two fucking reveiws i need to do
shit shit shit shit shit
fucking carcich and mcdermott
specially mcdermott
i hate that whiney bitch

need to eat before softball (oh joy)

oh yea and marketing was by far great today
me-the slogan is SMELL MY FOOT!
greg-why isnt it hey what is that smell oh yea its your feet
paul-gillian i love you
paul-what gillian? youre turning me down
me-we ALL know who you really love
paul-*blushes* gillian shut up
kaitlin-*throws my purse on the floor*
kaitly-*picks it up with her foot*
nicole-give it to me! *reaches for my purse*
me-GIVE IT TO ME!!!! *grabs it from nicole*
paul-GOD gillian you have manly strength when it comes to your purse!

ahh good times
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